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Did you know that in the United States we lose nearly 2,000 acres of agricultural land every day?That’s roughly 80 acres per hour. This trend is not slowing down.

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Blue Sky Organic Farms will lose around 70% of our farmland by July 2021. We are not alone. We are 1 of 4 small-scale growers in Maricopa county facing similar circumstances. Leased farmland is being sold for housing and retail development at an alarming rate. Without invested landowners, the future of agriculture in this county will drastically change in the next 2-5 years.

We need to take action to secure land for the future of agriculture now.

David and Sara have been searching for viable land for years. Viable farmland requires 2 essential aspects: proper soil quality to support vegetable farming and water rights. When searching for the ideal plot of land to set down roots, farmers rely on USDA soil samples. The West Valley is home to many acres of prime farmland- but finding prime farmland with water rights that is not already zoned for development is next to impossible. If you happen to find the perfect plot, the price tag is another insurmountable hurdle for farmers. We need your help to change this narrative.


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Know of Land

Know of Land

Do you know of land that is available for purchase or lease in the metro Phoenix area? Ideally 20 – 50 acres, with some specific soil and water requirements that need to be met. We are interested in all leads or creative ideas. Email

Support Blue Sky

Support Blue Sky

Support Blue Sky with your dollars if you can. Visit our farm store, join our CSA, or look for us at your local farmer’s market! 

Write Letters

Write Letters

Write a letter of support for Blue Sky sharing how much our farm means to you, your family and your community. These will be shared with local officials and decision makers. Email letters to

Join the Cause

Join the Cause

 The Coalition for Farmland Preservation is working on solutions to preserve farmland. Sign up to stay in contact with the Coalition and to ensure you receive action alerts when we need your support. Visit

Goats for sale

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Laurence - Kiko Goats for sale!

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BYRON - Nubian Goats for sale.

BYRON – Nubian Goats for sale.

Discover top-quality goats for sale at Blue Sky Organic Farms. From friendly Pygmy goats to robust Boer and Nubian breeds, find your perfect companion or productive herd member. Order online for convenient nationwide delivery!

CECILIA - Nubian Goats for sale.

CECILIA – Nubian Goats for sale.

Discover the charm and elegance of Cecilia, a delightful Nubian doe available for purchase at Blue Sky Organic Farms. Born on February 5, 2024, Cecilia boasts a striking black and brown roan coat, adorned with a broken white belly band and a captivating white blaze on her face. 

ELMER – Nubian Goats for sale.

Elmer embodies the epitome of Nubian excellence, with his captivating appearance and gentle demeanor. His impressive genetics make him a valuable asset to any farm seeking to improve their breeding stock. 

ELMER - Nubian Goats for sale.

Euphrate – Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale!

Meet Euphrate, a captivating Nigerian Dwarf goat available at BlueSky Organic Farms. With a stunning Chocolate & White coat, she’s full of charm. Euphrates is ready to join your farm. Purchase her for $550 individually or inquire about package deals. 

Euphrate - Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale!
Lafayette - Kiko Goats for sale.


This Week’s Deals

Discover our latest offers on top-quality goats! Whether you’re looking for Nigerian Dwarf, Boer, Nubian, or Kiko goats, we have the perfect additions for your farm. Don’t miss out – visit today!

Bennie - Goats for sale,
Bennie – Goats for sale!

Discover Bennie, a captivating tri-color goat with frost and white poll, and mesmerizing blue eyes. Bennie is a unique addition to any farm. Order now for convenient delivery or pickup and add this stunning goat to your herd!

Fely - Goats for sale.
Fely – Goats for sale.

Discover Fely, a beautiful female goat with striking blue eyes and a tri-color coat. Perfect for any farm, Fely boasts excellent breeding and a gentle demeanor. Find her and more premium goats for sale at Blue Sky Organic Farms!

BORIS - Nubian Goats for sale.
BORIS – Nubian Goats for sale.

Meet Boris, the impressive Nubian buck from Blue Sky Organic Farms. With his striking tan and white roan coloring, frosted ears, and gentle nature, Boris is an ideal addition to any farm. Being polled adds convenience for hassle-free ownership. Order now and experience the joy of goat ownership with Blue Sky Organic Farms!

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Fresh and Flavorful: My Experience with Blue Sky Organic Farms

Blue Sky Organic Farms is a gem in the Arizona community. Their dedication to organic farming practices shines through in every product they offer.

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From Farm to Table: Enjoying Organic Goodness at Blue Sky Organic Farms.

The best part of living in Arizona is having access to Blue Sky Organic Farms. Their farm-fresh vegetables make eating healthy a joy!

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