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Family run. Locally grown. Organic food.

At Our Farm, we cultivate a harmonious relationship with the land, nurturing our crops and livestock with care and respect for nature’s cycles. With a commitment to sustainable practices, our organic food reflects the purity of its origins, delivering unparalleled flavor and nutrition. Join us on a journey of flavor, health, and sustainability as we bring the bounty of Our Farm to your plate.

davidplanting -Blue Sky Organic Farms!





davidplanting -Blue Sky Organic Farms!
davidplanting -Blue Sky Organic Farms!
davidplanting -Blue Sky Organic Farms!

Our Story

Blue Sky Organic Farms

Welcome to Blue Sky Organic Farms, nestled in sunny Litchfield Park, AZ, where we’ve been proudly cultivating organic produce since 1995. Certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), we prioritize your health by using organic, non-GMO, and untreated seeds, adhering strictly to USDA National Organic Program standards. You’ll find our bounty at Saturday Farmer’s Markets across the valley and in our on-site Farm Store. Join our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to support local agriculture, receive weekly or bi-weekly harvest shares, and make a difference in our community’s food landscape. Act now to preserve our local farms and strengthen our food supply. Join our CSA today!


At Blue Sky Organic Farms, our mission is simple yet profound: to cultivate a sustainable and thriving future through organic farming practices. We are committed to producing high-quality, nutritious food while prioritizing the health of our customers, the well-being of our community, and the preservation of our environment. With dedication to family values, integrity, and innovation, we strive to be a beacon of excellence in organic agriculture, fostering connections between people, land, and food. Together, we envision a world where healthy, organic food is accessible to all, and where farming practices contribute to the vitality of our planet for generations to come.


Our vision at Blue Sky Organic Farms is to be a leading force in the organic farming movement, inspiring positive change in how food is grown, distributed, and consumed. We envision a future where sustainable agriculture is the norm, where every community has access to fresh, nutritious organic produce, and where the health and well-being of people and the planet are paramount. Through innovation, education, and collaboration, we aim to create a world where organic farming practices thrive, ecosystems flourish, and generations to come inherit a healthier, more resilient planet. Together, we’re cultivating a brighter future, one harvest at a time.


Meet Our Farmers

David Vose’s journey from chef to farmer embodies a passion for quality ingredients and sustainable agriculture. Starting as a young chef, his love for cooking and appreciation of fine ingredients led him to pursue farming. With a commitment to organic practices, David has honed his skills, earning recognition for excellence in both farming and culinary circles. Today, Blue Sky Organic Farms is celebrated not only locally in Arizona but also across culinary hubs like New York, Boston, and San Francisco, a testament to David’s dedication to producing exceptional organic produce.

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 Blue Sky Organic Farm

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California Certified Organic Farmers

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